Technical Information

ASTM Standart409
EN Standart1.4512
UNS StandartS40900
Product TypeHot and cold rolled sheet, strip, plate, bar, etc..


Chemical Composition (ağ. %)CCrNiTi


Corrosion ResistanceWith a rate of 11% chromium in the air into water, and many shows better corrosion resistance against chemicals. Ti carbide precipitation was stabilized with the contribution of the internal structure and intergranular corrosion sensitivity is not in question.


Uses800c on the surface of stainless steel so that the surface temperature is not seen tufal formation and also the general corrosion resistance of a material is Enough. Mufflers and exhaust system in so the car is used. Alloying elements as part of this material property can be improved further. These alloys in railway carriages, containers and trailers used in the bus. Chemical, petrochemical industry, pipes, heat exchangers in the steam and water valves, fittings, kitchen appliances and sports equipment can be chosen from. But usually welded galvanized steel are used in applications is not enough. (For example, exhaust components)


ASTM Standart304L
EN Standart1.4306
UNS StandartS30453
Product TypeHot and cold rolled sheet, strip, plate, bar, etc..


Chemical CompositionCCrNi


Corrosion ResistanceAtmospheric corrosion resistance are excellent. Neutral in a damp, non-alkaline environments and chloride corrosion resistance in acidic environment is good. In many other environments 304 grade stainless steel has sufficient corrosion resistance. There is no danger of rusting architectural applications. In addition to the food processing environment is suitable, easy to clean, organic chemicals and is resistant to many chemicals. Corrosion in chloride environments are prone to warm.


UsesThe most widely used stainless steel type. Corrosion resistance, weldability and cold-forming ability of being able to be very good because the 304 stainless steel finds wide application area. Household appliances, washing machines, mıtfak devices, architectures, and automated applications can be shown as an example. Besides this, fermentation equipment, food processing plants and nitrogen plants are preferred. After welding speed (in water) cooled 6 mm to be thicker materials in the manufacture of parts to be used, otherwise you'll slow cooling in the carbide precipitation is subject to intergranular corrosion sensitivity. 304 grade stainless steel, liquefied gases are present at very low temperatures is even with excellent toughness, is an ideal material for use in many low temperature.